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Products / Services

Cogitel products and solutions are offered as a complete managed service package where we run 24/7 support and maintenance.


We have created a modern end-user business application for the IoT market, allowing our clients to connect their devices and visualize their data to achieve real value on all user levels across the entire business value chain. 

Visualizing: present important data from the connected devices in a readable way.
Availability: supply portal information on different devices and platforms, both stationary and mobile.
Learn-ability: allow users to learn about the health of device fleet to reduce downtime.
Utilization: improve efficiency by observing and counteract idle time or foresee need for expanding the device fleet.
Evaluating: compare and identify possible performance improvements for both devices and their operators.



IoT Projects

A project and eventually managed service where Cogitel is commissioned by you to develop, manage and support an IoT solution, connecting devices together in the cloud to provide your business with real value.

By working close with our clients, we are able to take their voice and wishes and translate into a solution that they feel conveys their interests. Our requirement process and agile way of working allows us to get an insight into the business needed to provide the solution correct for you. We put high focus on UI-layer design while employing a solid cloud-based technical foundation combined with support for business specific standards like AEMP. With our partner Telenor Connexion, we can cover all of your IoT needs.



IT Consulting

We also supply expert consultants to some of the global market leaders within telecom as well as to other major consultant companies and civil services.

Our consultants are people not only with the technical skills but also with a good ear for the customers' needs and the ability to drive a dialogue. At Cogitel we understand the value of joining technical and business skills and our consultants are highly regarded in this respect. We supply consultants well versed within many technical areas and types of businesses; whether you have need for a junior reinforcement into an existing team or a specific expert do get in touch with us and let us show how Cogitel is different.